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I personally use these innerfit sleeves to protect my best cards! That being said,

*I highly suggest lightly stretching the mouth of the sleeve to not nick any part of your card while inserting to prevent whitining!* These sleeves ar the best for long term storage of cards, Ive heard stories on Reddit of people who have had cards for a much time who kept them in normal penny sleeves and because of the card moving around in that sleeve that over time it eventually started to fade and get little micro scratches on the foil! If you dont touch/move around your best pulls much it shoulden't matter, but if you do Perfect Fit Sleeves could protect you card and score you many psa grades higher when you do eventually get around to grading it even when you have been meaning to do it! :^)

These Sleeves will fit under regular Ultra Pro Penny Sleeves, to create a dust free environment for the sleeve to reside!

Each Pack comes with 100 Sleeves!

Perfect Fit Sleeves KMC (USA) 100 Count

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